EVENT HIGHLIGHTS- February  2020


December Activities at a Glance


Southlake Book Club


Book club members will meet in the Palmetto Theater for our Southlake Book Club! If you enjoy getting lost in a story and discussing with people who are just as passionate about reading, then the book club may be a great option!


When: The fourth Monday of every month @ 3:00pm – Palmetto Theatery




Southlake Choir


If you are interested in joining our community Choir, please see the sign up sheet in the book. We would love to have you join in any capacity! (Singing, piano playing, instruments, etc.) 


When: TBD- Palmetto Theatre




   Southlake Knitting Group


Please join us for our Knit & Gab group on Wednesdays. (Knitting, Crocheting, Crosstitch, etc.) Sign up sheet available. 

When: Every Wednesday @ 10:30am – Hemingway Lounge



  Southlake Stepping Out Group


Join our new stepping out group and get some exercise and fresh air! Starting Monday, December 23rd. Please use sign up sheet so we know who will be joining us!


When: Every Monday morning @ 10:00am – Meet in Lobby



   Board Games with Julia - Scrabble 


Do you have a competitive spirit? Just like to play for the fun of it? Come and play some Scrabble with our Activities Director! Sign up sheet available.

When: Saturday, February 1st @ 10:30am – Gibson’s Loft 



   Superbowl Tailgate 


Do you have a competitive spirit? Just like to play for the fun of it? Come and play some Yahtzee with our Activities Director! Sign up sheet available.

When: Sunday, February 2nd @ 5:00pm – Hemmingway Lounge/ Theatre 



   New Resident Meet and Greet 


Come and meet your new neighbors at our new resident meet and greet!

When: Monday, February 3rd @ 3:30pm – Hemingway Lounge




  Manicures and Hand Massages with Julia


A time to relax and have your nails beautified by our own Activities Director. We will have many color options to choose from! Sign-up sheet available.

When: Tuesday, February 4th @ 1:15pm – Art Studio



  Arts and Crafts with Amber


Come and get creative with Amber! Sign-up sheet available. Picture will be added to sign up sheet.

When: Tuesday, February 4th @ 2:30pm- Art Studio



  Writer's Corner


Are you a writer? Come amongst friends and share what you’re working on, share ideas, write a piece, whatever you feel inclined to do! We all have a little writer inside of us.

When: Wednesday, February 5th @ 3:30pm - Art Studio 



   Resident Activity Meeting 


Learn about all the exciting activities in your community!

When: Monday, February 3rd @ 3:30pm – Hemingway Lounge



     Chair Yoga with Melissa Crooke


Yoga is great for the body and mind. Join Melissa for some chair Yoga. Sign-up sheet in Hemmingway Lounge

When: Thursday, February 6th  @ 3:00pm – Palmetto Theatre 



     Virgin Happy  Hour


For anyone who doesn’t partake in alcoholic beverages, we will be hosting a virgin happy hour with virgin variations of drinks and yummy food!

When: Friday, February 7th @ 4:00pm – Hemingway Lounge 



     Young at Heart Luncheon


Come and join us for a time of worship, music and lunch. There will be live music by Dennis Gwizdalla

When: Tuesday, December 10th @ 10:15am





     Arts and Crafts with Amber- Making Christmas Ornament


Come and get creative with Amber! Sign-up sheet available. We will be making Christmas ornaments!

When: Tuesday, December 10th @ 2:30pm – Art Studio



     Chair Yoga with Melissa Crook


Yoga is great for the body and mind. Join Melissa for some chair Yoga. Sign-up sheet in HL.

When: Tuesday, December 10th @ 3:00pm – Palmetto Theater



     Painting Class with Malinda Rutledge


Join us and learn how to do some painting from a seasoned professional! I can’t wait to see everyone’s beautiful paintings!

When: Wednesday, December 11th @ 3:30pm – Art Studio



     Resident Activity Meeting 


See what's going on in YOUR community!

When: Thursday, December 12th @ 2:00pm – Dining Room



     Holiday Market 


Please join us for our Holiday Market. We will have over 30 vendors with handmade jewelry, wreaths etc. Paparazzi, Mary Kay, Avon, etc. Something for everyone, especially if you need to pick up any Christmas gifts! . 

When: Thursday, December 12th @ 5:00pm  


     Salon Polish Party 


Come and join our awesome ladies in the salon for a polish party! Get those nails beautified for the Holidays! 

When: Monday, December 16th @ from 11am-2pm


    Robert Mills Holiday House Tour 


One of only five National Historic Landmarks in Columbia, the Robert Mills House showcases the skill of the architect who designed some of our nation's most prominent buildings, including the Washington Monument

When: Tuesday, December 17th @ 12:00pm 




     Craft Time with Julia- Decorating Gingerbread Houses 


Decorating gingerbread houses is a Christmas tradition that my family and I love to do every holiday season. Please join me in decorating these houses for our Southlake home. 😊

When: Wednesday, December 18th @ 3:30pm – Art Studio 


     Reading Day with Lake Murray Child Development 


The children at Lake Murray Child Development will be coming to us to show us what they’ve been working on for Christmas and for us to read to them! The joy that we feel when we interact with these little ones is insurmountable.

When: Thursday, December 19th@ 9:30am – Hemingway Lounge


    Resident Meeting


Keep up to date with happenings in your community.

When: Thursday, December 19th @ 2:00pm – Dining Room 




     Board Games with Julia - UNO 


Do you have a competitive spirit? Just like to play for the fun of it? Come and play some UNO with our Activities Director! Sign up sheet available. 

When: Thursday, December 19th @ 3:00pm – Gibson’s Loft



     Afternoon Tea Social and Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest


Let’s get really into the spirit this Christmas Eve and put on our ugliest Christmas sweater and party! Prizes will be awarded to the best/ugliest Christmas sweaters! In addition to tea we will also have hot cocoa, eggnog, and other Christmas goodies! 

When: Tuesday, December 24th @ 2:00pm – Hemingway Lounge 



     Resident Dietary Meeting


Come out and learn the best diet for a healthy and active life.

When: Tuesday, December 24th @ 2:00pm – Dining Room





Please join us for Christmas dinner at 11:30am and Mary will be showing a wonderful movie at 2:30pm!

When: Wednesday, December 25th ALL DAY!! 


     Adult Coloring and Social


Adult coloring books can be super therapeutic and fun. Anyone who joins will get to choose their own book to work on this day and in the future! Refreshments as well!

When: Thursday, December 26th @ 2:30pm – Palmetto Theater



     New Years Eve Party


Let’s begin our night by ringing in the new year with friends and loved ones! 

When: Tuesday, December 31st @ 6:00pm – Palmetto Theater







Dear Residents,


Here we are at number five of our Good People Getting Scammed newsletter article series. After the four previous articles we hope you are feeling better informed of the pitfalls of robocalls and sweepstake scams.  By now you may have even had an opportunity to practice hanging up without speaking a single word! 


This month we are learning about “Grandparent” Scams.


There are several variations of this scam.   In the most common version, the victim will receive a call from someone claiming to be their grandson, saying he has been in an accident.  The caller will instruct the victim to purchase iTunes gift cards to allegedly pay for medical treatment or property damage.  After purchasing the iTunes card, the victim will be asked to read the numbers on the back of the cards to the person on the phone.  This allows the scammer to steal the funds off the card. 


In another version, the victim will receive a call from someone claiming to be their grandson with news that they have been arrested, usually outside the United States. They will say they need money for bail, or an appearance bond and/or additional money to pay a fine for negligence. 


In yet a third version, instead of the “grandchild” making the phone call, the con artist will pretend to be an arresting police officer, a lawyer or doctor.  It is common for the con artist impersonating the grandchild to talk briefly with the victim and then hand the phone over to an accomplice impersonating an authority figure. Because the exchange with the alleged grandchild is so brief, it will be difficult for the victim to recognize that the voice on the phone does not belong to their grandchild.   


Although the grandparent scam is frightening, do not fall for it.  Please hang up the phone and contact a family member who can help alleviate any concerns of your grandchildren’s well-being.



Resources for Grandparent Scams include:


Local/State Attorney General Office


FTC Consumer Response Center 1-877-382-4357 –





  1. Music and Entertainment


Lecture Time with John Miles- The World War I Christmas Truce

Join John Miles as he shares about The World War I Christmas Truce.

When: Thursday, December 19th @ 1:00pm – Palmetto Theater

  Live Music

LIVE Entertainment with Steve McFadden

Come and listen as Steve plays your favorite songs. 

Friday, December 6th @ 6:00pm – Hemingway Lounge

Shandon Baptist Sounds of Christmas Show

Beautiful music to get us into the holiday spirit. It will be a wonderful time! Sign up sheet available.

When: Sunday, December 8th  @ 2:00p

Live Entertainment Piano Studio with Julie Williams

Music from a piano is so beautiful and soothing. Please join us for Julie William’s Piano Studio!

When: Friday, December 13th  @ 3:45pm – Hemingway Lounge

LIve Entertainmentent with Michael james 

Please come and enjoy the beautiful musical stylings of Michael James!.

When: Friday, December 20th  @ 6:30pm – Dining Room

LIVE Entertainment with The Amick’s 

Music brings people closer together. Let’s all Listen and enjoy the Amick's!

When: Saturday, December 28th @ 3:00pm – Hemingway Lounge

    Out and About




     Food , Friends and Adventures!



Lunch Bunch to Eastern Buffet


Come sample the over 60 items on buffet!


When: Friday, February 7th @ 11:30am


Shopping Trip to Hamrick’s  


Got some Christmas shopping to do? Hamrick’s is the place! Sign-up sheet available.


When: Thursday, December 5th @ 10:30am



Shopping Trip to Four Oaks Farm


Got some Christmas shopping to do? Four Oaks Farm is another great option! Sign-up sheet available.

When: Friday, December 6th @ 10:00am



Lunch Bunch to Red Lobster


Red Lobtser for the seafood lover in all of us!


When: Friday, December 13th @ 11:30am


First Baptist Columbia Christmas Pageant


Come and enjoy beautiful Christmas music at this wonderful show.


When: Saturday, December 14th @ 1:30pm



Trip to Saluda Shoals Lights On The River


Christmas lights are absolutely the best, and Saluda Shoals has one of the best light shows around!


When: Monday, December 23rd @ 6:30pm



Lunch Bunch to MOD Pizza 


Pizza anyone? YUMMMM...


When: Friday, December 27th @ 11:30am


Monthly Trip to Lexington Library


Enjoy all our local library has to offer.


When: Friday, December 27th  @ 2:30pm